Shallow cloning git repos

Just making a note of something that might be very useful going forward. I needed to use `​git clone –depth 10 ` to clone a repo but only get the last 10 commits of it.

It helped me cloning the linux repo many years back on a horrible internet connection. This essentially doesn’t clone the entire repo’s history, however, it would clone all files and history relevant to the last 10 commits.

Cloud flare – Page Rules

Just remembered that you can make use of Cloud flare’s Page Rules feature to handle URL forwarding from the domain your managing to another domain hosted else where on the internet. I think you also need to setup a CNAME record to make this work:

I needed to redirect to .


this simply allows me during dev to work with friendly urls without signing up for a paid plan on heroku to add custom domains. You only receive 3 free Page Rules with the free Cloud flare account though.