Learning to use AES encryption

I've started working on a simple credentials manager app that runs on the console and I wanted the credentials that are kept on file to be encrypted for obvious reasons. The app is written in C++ and I needed to find and work with an appropriate encryption library. I've tried using two libraries: OpenSSL and … Continue reading Learning to use AES encryption

Quick cloning of kernel mainline

git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/torvalds/linux.git linux_mainline using github as it's a mirror of mainline and depending where you're accessing the internet from, much faster. the --depth 1 will limit the history to 1 commit back I believe. If you'd need to view more than that then you can probably use git log -- [filename] https://stackoverflow.com/questions/278192/view-the-change-history-of-a-file-using-git-versioning

Cloud flare – Page Rules

Just remembered that you can make use of Cloud flare's Page Rules feature to handle URL forwarding from the domain your managing to another domain hosted else where on the internet. I think you also need to setup a CNAME record to make this work: I needed http://twisum.adhir.co.za to redirect to https://young-mesa-51990.herokuapp.com .   this simply allows … Continue reading Cloud flare – Page Rules